CU LTIVATION AND TECHNOLOGY Varied programme for Potato Poland 2019 This year, Potato Poland will take place in Siemiatki from 23 to 25 August. The main organiser of the event, the Polish Institute of Plant Breeding and Acclimatisation (IHAR), is collaborating here with the company CN Nidzica, one of the largest seed potato producers in Poland. The aim of the organisers is to improve the integration of the Polish and European potato sectors. T he organisation of Potato Poland announced that, by organising this trade event, they want to integrate the Polish and European potato sectors and throw the Polish potato market open to the rest of the world. In addition, they want to transfer knowledge to growers and in this way connect the parties in the chain. By organising the Polish event, the organisers are expressing their wish to become the fifth country in the PotatoEurope cycle, which currently consists of Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany. For this reason, the organisers are presenting themselves at this trade event with both a trade show and an international conference. They hope to achieve this with the help of a significant number of exhibitors from Poland and from the rest of the world. The Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is also one of the co-organisers of the event. The organisation hopes to impress the participants by having this edition take place on a large 100 hectare potato field planted with seed potatoes from CN Nidzica. Outside the central exhibition hall, which has stands and a conference room, there will also be demonstration plots of producers of crop protection products and seed potatoes. There is also space planned for manufacturers of agricultural machinery. At a 10 hectare demonstration field, potato varieties will be presented which have been provided by the international participant, Europlant. There will also be several demonstrations of agricultural machinery and irrigations techniques. Scientific, technical and tasty International speakers have been invited The total exhibition area with exhibitors and demo fields covers 30 hectares. to give a presentation at the scientific and cultivation technical conference, under the motto Experience, Working together, Effectiveness. Besides various Polish IHAR researchers, speakers include President Gilles Fontaine and communication and policy adviser Berta Redondo of Europatat, and Romain Cools, President of the World Potato Congress and General Secretary of Belgapom. During the conference, speakers will discuss the current and future position of Poland in the international potato market, official certification, international quality systems, and energy and cost management. In addition to the business and scientific topics, there are also other, often tasty matters on the programme. For example, there is the introduction entitled Work Locally, Think Globally by Tomasz Jakubiak, who is well-known for promoting local produce, followed by a banquet of modern Polish cuisine cooked by this chef. On the last day of the event, the initiators will use a culinary competition to look for the most delicious potato variety present at the Show. Spacious and easily-accessible exhibition grounds The Potato Show will be held at the easily-accessible Siemiatki located on the S7 motorway in the province of WarmiaMazury. The total exhibition area with exhibitors and demo fields covers 30 hectares. In addition, there is the 100-hectare potato demonstration field and the 10 hectares of smaller Europlant demonstration plots. The showground also boasts 5,000 square metres of land for a large marquee which is also the location of the conference rooms. After registration, at the entrance, visitors will receive a free exhibition catalogue and a bag full of gifts from the sponsors. A special press room is available for the media and there is also plenty of catering where visitors can go for food and drinks. ● Potato World 2019 • number 2 37 Pagina 36

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