Find the world’s best Potato Practices in Emmeloord! st “It is very comprehensive and practical” “It gives more understanding of potato business in 4 days!” “I and our team gained lots of knowledge and experience from Dutch Experts” PotatoBusinessSchool Emmeloord Started in 2011, PotatoBusiness School Emmeloord offers practical education and training on the various aspects of the potato production chain. Our instructors are personally involved in potato production on a day-to-day basis and have ample experience in knowledge transfer. Interested? Visit our website for more information and registration. mme t PotatoBusinessSchool Emmeloord | if@b Table - Export Potatoes  Own Potato-fields  300 Farmers F  Own Potato-fields  300 Farmers  le ible amily c cmpany  Logistic hotspot of Europe  Middle in Europe’s best fields  Middle in Europe’s best fields Flexxible F Fam ily oompany  Logistic hotspot of Europe Jacket Potatoes (Weighted per grams) Since 1927 Crisp Potatoes French Fries Potatoes 2019 September 9-12 in English Pagina 37

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