TRADE AND MARKET I NG Fruit Logistica focuses on sustainability Trends in the market The potato sector started a trend towards smaller packaging many years ago, which reduces waste and allows companies to accommodate the needs of the consumer and the supply. A wide range of product innovations could be observed in the many stands of the European small packagers. Hybrid product range At Quiks, which is based in Hedel, Peter Quik announces that he sees a trend towards a hybrid product range. ‘This means that, as a supplier, you can deliver both cool-fresh and fresh to customers’, says Quik. ‘Years ago, with all our experience with potatoes, we also started with cool-fresh. We no longer see it as a separate commodity. We’ve noticed that there’s another new market between unprocessed potatoes and the ready product. That’s what we want to develop new products for. We’ve observed that consumers aren’t looking at whether it’s fresh or cool-fresh, but how the potato fits into the desired recipe. That’s what they’ve become used to with the fresh produce packages that are being marketed. It’s important that it’s easy to prepare. That’s why we offer fresh potatoes in a special microwave packaging, for André Adamse of Schaap Holland combines fresh and convenience in a new steam packaging. example, but also Air-fryer chips in the refrigerated section’, explain Peter Quik and Gerrit Oomen. Offering all year round At Schaap Holland of Biddinghuizen, in addition to fresh and chilled products, they also have a wide range of their own varieties from which they grow and sell the seed themselves. In the Schaap stand, André Adamse, Director of Retail & Food Service, shows us their Gerona variety. ‘This tasty variety produces up to 35 tubers per plant and is suitable as a fresh and a chilled product’, says Adamse enthusiastically. ‘With a group of growers from home and abroad, we can offer this variety to our customers all year round. This means that we can continue to offer fresh potatoes of this variety even after CIPC’, he explains. This year, Schaap Holland will be introducing a new steam packaging, in which potatoes are cooked in 7 minutes. ‘We combine fresh and convenience here. Partly as a result of the introduction of new products such as these and the expansion of our customer base, our sales increased by 5 percent in total in 2019’, Adamse reveals. ‘We supply the total potato package for a company like the Boon group, which means we take the strain off the customer completely’, explains the Director. Authentic look ‘Between the unprocessed potatoes and the ready product is another new market’, say Peter Quik and Gerrit Oomen. Koen van Harteveld has just started his second working day as Commercial Director of Nedato at Fruit Logistica. He enthusiastically shows a new packaging line on a new shelf. ‘With this shelf, we want to give the potato an authentic look 14 Potato World 2020 • number 2 Pagina 13

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