TRADE AND MARKET I NG Fruit Logistica focuses on sustainability from the Innovation Award jury for this innovation. One hundred percent paper The latest vertical filling machine of the Jasa company from Alkmaar ran with a completely new paper packaging, Bag-2Paper. Piet Pannekeet and Denise Bath talk enthusiastically about their innovative product. ‘The packaging is made from 100 percent paper, without any plastic coating. It can contain a maximum of 2 kilograms of potatoes, is fastened without sealing and is 100 percent recyclable with your paper waste. Besides this, it looks really attractive’, Pannekeet says enthusiastically. Given the maximum speed of sixty packages per minute, the customers are not losing out on speed. No more plastic in French supermarkets from 2021. According to Laurent Dhalleine of Pom Alliance, paper packaging will become more important in the future, because plastic packaging will no longer be permitted in supermarkets in France from 1 January 2022. ‘That’s the main reason why we’re now launching new paper Laurent Dhalleine from Pom Alliance has observed a trend towards residue-free table potatoes. packaging’, he says. In addition, the potato specialist has observed a trend towards residue-free table potatoes. To respond to this, Pom Alliance has joined the ‘nouveaux Champs’ collective, which aims to stimulate innovative potato cultivation and put table potatoes that are free from residues of crop protection chemicals on its shelves. BAYER EMPHASISES THE SUCCESS OF THE DUTCH CHAIN COOPERATION At a mini congress, which focused on the opportunities of technology in the chain, Bayer informed nearly a hundred interested parties about the opportunities of cooperation for responsible food production and social acceptance. During the meeting, the speakers emphasised the opportunities of technology in optimising the chain. According to Hidde Boersma, freelance scientific journalist and advocate of eco-modernism, it is important that agriculture takes place on the best land, by the best growers and with the latest techniques. This will increase yields and leave much more space for nature. In his view this is not only good for nature, but also helps the fastgrowing world population to provide sufficient food. According to Frank Terhorst, Head of Crop Strategy & Portfolio Management at Bayer, new technologies will help meet future challenges. In order to optimise cultivation in this way, the collection and processing of data will become even more important. Ernst van den Ende, Director of the Plant Science Group at Wageningen University & Research, emphasises the importance of not making too many promises with the new technologies, such as CRISPR-Cas. ‘Technology is not the golden bullet, but a tool. We must be transparent, identify side effects and hold broad social discussions based on facts and not on emotions. Our vision is ‘to do more with less input, better products, and chain transparency.’ The idea that we, as a Frank Terhorst, Hidde Boersma, Ernst van den Ende and Jelte van Kammen emphasise the opportunities of technology in the potato chain society, must jointly find answers to future issues is deeply rooted in our new strategic plan’, emphasises Van den Ende. 18 Potato World 2020 • number 2 Pagina 17

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