TRADE AND MARKET I NG Fruit Logistica focuses on sustainability New varieties for a sustainable chain During a well-attended meeting, Wieger van der Werff, Commercial Manager at Agrico in Emmeloord, underlined the growing interest in ‘Next Generation’ varieties. These are varieties with a broad Phytophthora resistance. The focus in the Agrico stand was on the Alouette, Levante, Twister, Twinner, Ardeche and Nofy varieties. Visitors were able to taste some of these in mini dishes. In his speech, Van der Werff points out that the demand for these varieties is high among growers in the Netherlands and that they have also become indispensable on supermarket shelves to meet the demand for sustainably-grown potatoes. ‘They are already cultivated in many places around the world and also prove their added value through good yields. In this way, we contribute to a sustainable future for our “Next Generation”’, says Van der Werff. He emphasises that Agrico has given its new 2020-2030 strategy this ‘title’ for a good reason. ‘Responsibility for people, planet and profit is very clearly anchored in it. An important goal is to make and keep potato cultivation more sustainable worldwide. And also to feed current and future generations through, among other things, secure yields and proper risk spreading of crop losses’, he explains. With the disappearance of CIPC, Jörg Eggers sees an increasing demand for varieties that can be stored for a long time. Long storage important for variety introduction At the German Europlant trading house from Lüneburg, the focus in the stand is on the wide range of varieties. In addition to this, the development of storage without CIPC is one of the most important topics at the stand, according to Managing Director Jörg Eggers. With the disappearance of CIPC, Eggers sees an ‘With our “Next Generation” varieties we contribute to a sustainable future’, says Wieger van der Werff. increasing demand for varieties that can be stored for a long time. ‘With varieties such as Belana and Regina, we have strong varieties with a strong dormancy’, emphasises Eggers. ‘To solve this storage problem, we’re also seeing an increasing demand for early varieties such as Isabelia.’ He also notices an increasing demand from Central and Eastern Europe for table potato seed. ‘This year, we as Europlant are supplying larger quantities to Poland, where varieties such as Madeira, Milva, Regina and Belana are very popular. Eggers also tells us that Europlant has launched a new brand of table potatoes called Linella. The Kaufland supermarket chain sells low-carb potatoes under this brand. Eggers has high expectations of the Coronada variety in this new concept. In addition, he says that the potato as a product also offers many opportunities, it is gluten-free, Halal and can be distributed to a broad international target group at international trade fairs such as Fruit Logistica. Because Europlant has many contacts in China, Eggers regrets that, due to the Corona virus problems, many Chinese companies have stayed at home. ● Potato World 2020 • number 2 19 Pagina 18

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